Why botanicals?

The soothing and energising benefits of botanicals have been used for centuries and are still used today. Our ancestors all around the world have utilised plants for their amazing qualities, and unsurprisingly many of today’s modern medicines originate from these traditional herbal remedies.

Using this knowledge, we have lovingly crafted our ranges of Healthipops!

Why haven't we used paper sticks?

We would love to have used paper sticks; however, plastic sticks are textured with very fine groves and offer a safer anchorage than their paper counterpart.

We are actively looking for a sustainable alternative.

What does NRV mean?

NRV ‘Nutrient Reference Value.’

NRVs are European guidance levels set for the 13 vitamins and 14 minerals for food labelling. The levels differ by age group.

Are your botanical ingredients sustainably sourced?

Yes; we always source our botanical ingredients from a sustainable source.

Can adults have Healthipops?

Yes; we would love the grown-ups to try all our Healthipops, especially the Ear Popper Stopper which has been created to be used by all, whether you are 4 or 104! Botanicals are great for both children and adults.

The vitamin and mineral levels ‘NRV’ (Nutrient Reference Value) has been calculated from ages four to twelve, except for ‘Energy’ which is for ages fourteen and upwards.

Why have you used sugar and not a sugar-free alternative?

One of the biggest side effects of most sugar-free alternatives is it can cause a laxative effect. Not suitable for a lollipop that is crafted to help children, so that is why we have made our Healthipops with sugar, to protect you from a sore tummy.

A famous lady once said ‘A spoon full of “sugar” helps the medicine go down’ I’m sure you know the rest…

Are Healthipops vegetarian and vegan friendly?

Yes. It’s not just the botanicals that are vegetarian and vegan! All our ingredients are vegan friendly, including our vitamins and minerals – even our ‘Vit D3’ (cholecalciferol) is derived from algae.

Check out our blog ‘Vitamin D, the sunshine vit’ for more information.

Do Heathipops contain plant bits?

There isn’t any plant ‘bits’ in our Healthipops; the beneficial nutrients of botanicals are extracted in a way that enables our super-smooth Healthipops to stay that way from start to finish.

Can you taste the botanicals?

Having a great-tasting lollipop is essential to us, but we also wanted to pack them with as much healthy goodness as we could! Although there is a slight taste of botanicals – how else would you know they’re in there? – our amazing blend of natural fruit extracts ensure that each lollipop is packed with flavour so that your child will love every one.